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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  August 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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. i feel bad for people. you don't want to give up your pet. sometimes that's what happens. and dev louisiana forcing many to give up their pets. how they are finding new homes here in the bay area. new revelations about a fire at a mosque y they believe someone set that fire on purpose and how can you help police find them. take advantage of having that mailed to your home. early voting open statewide in florida y officials say now is a great time to take advantage of
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-- why officials say now is a great time to take advantage of the head start. good evening, i'm lloyd sowers. i'm haley hinds. >> look at that face he is in good spirits and this guy escaped a dire situation. they traveled from louisiana to the humane society in hopes of finding new homes. they were displaced and others were given up by the owners. people stepped up to help out. and the dogs were made available. >> reporter: thousands packed the shelter as people wait for flood waters to recede. the chaos has created a crisis across the state. abandoned, lost and surrendered pets are overcrowding the shelters. >> because of the flooding that is going on. the local shelters in the area
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>> this week 18 dogs and puppies from a louisiana shelter arrived at the tampa bay humane shot. on saturday morning the pups were ready to be adopted. >> can we have this one. >> animal lovers were more than ready to open up the homes. anthony and nicole drove to meet his little man. >> we want to give the pet a nice for going through that rough transition. a nis big yard and home he will be happy, right. >> i'm amazed how they are resilient, they are happy and they are safe and they have the attention of the public coming in. they are not damaged they have been misplaced or displaced and they are just in need of a home.
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louisiana are marked. you see the orange tags on the cages. the community response has been overwhelming as can you see in the line up there is paperwork that means this dog is still available the rest have been claimed. >> did she give you a kiss? >> kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> there are a few dogs that did not get adopted. there are only animals that nee if you want to adopt you have a place in your heart the humane society is open from 10 to 5. a fire at a mosque thought to be an accident is arson. officials say the samples taken came back positive. the fire started because of a cord that was attached to a fridge. those with the mosque believe someone poured the gas into the
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for information that will lead to an arrest. a woman is facing charges after police say she crashed her car into a prisoner transport van. officers were loading people they arrested downtown into the transport van this morning. they say that the 30-year-old emily spece hit it. they stopped her as she taken into custody. it rolled over an officer's foot. they found drug in -- drugs in her car. is charged with property damage and dui. we're learning more about the firey crash involving a police cruiser. police say that the officer stopped to help a driver who broke down on the howard frankland bridge at 2:30.
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cruiser. >> no one was hurt and investigating. we have a startling warning tonight from the police at the university of south florida. at least three times in one night a man has exposed himself on campus. he was running naked through the richard beard parking garage. they spotted him on the fifth floor of the garage. they called 911 and the same shock at two other places on campus. >> students warning them a flasher on the loose and 6 p.m. usf called juniper poplar dining hall on the east side of campus. and at 9:00 they got the same call but at fresh foods in the argo center. police got a third call f it is
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>> our students are here to learn and anything that distracts them, makes them feel uncomfortable in the environment, it is important. >> right now they do not believe it is a student. they're advising them not to walk alone at night. usf had four flashing incidents last year just this april 3 more were reported only one led to an arrest. army vote something open. now is the time to beat the rush. we stopped by a site and they're welcoming voters and 10 to 6 on weekdays now through next sunday. many are opting to drop it into the mailbox. >> we have a lot of ballots coming in. wry encourage with the weather here to take advantage of that
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you do not have to be a registered member to vote in the non-partisan races. honor flights, special thank you gift to veterans who served our country. what about veterans who cannot travel. >> a look in an honor flight experience created just for them. mike? hot out there. muggy but less in the way of shower activity. dry air to come for the second half of the weekend. that's in the forecast coming up. ? we buy any car dot com, ? ? any any any any ? trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps.
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we've shown you many we have shared many stories about honor flights and they are flown to washington for the day.
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you not all can make the trip for medical reasons. operation patriot and honor flight west central florida brought it to them. they transformed the nursing home in land o' lakes into the national's capitol. there was music, speakers and the sights and sounds on a trip to dc. they did not have to step foot on a >> they have closure. we'll have a welcome home for them. there will be a guantless of individuals and organizations set up walk welcoming them back and thanking them for the service. >> this is the first at home program in the country to be held at an all veterans facility. one of the hottest movies and fans got to see the joker's ride. the fans of suicide squad came out to see a car like the one in
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making and the scout saw it and wanted it for the movie. a designer said they had to keep it a secret but the experience was worth it. >> you could not do that kind of advertise f you had millions t is a lottery ticket. >> it has gotten a lot of attention. and in addition to the car look who is there, they have pictures with the joker, and quinn. >> that's slick. >> that's cool. that is school. >> joke wore not pick a bad ride. >> if you're hitting the beach do the sting ray shuffle. where the rays are so you don't get stung.
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it may be getting late in the election season, but it may be getting late in the season and a candidate is throwing her hat or fin in the ring. >> and who i winter the dolphin is running for president. >> this is amazing. the rescue dolphin is taking a stand to show positive leadership with the campaign, the mission and rescue rehab and release. a key issue that pertains to it special needs kids and wounded soldiers. the ceo says they thought this
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to join the race. >> the campaigns have so much negativity. we're not picking sides. we have overcoming nature and by so many people and it makes sense. >> winter and the aquarium are not endorsing any political party and people can vote on winter for and one million votes will send a survivor stephanie evans for a visit with winter. >> i hope they get there. the two most important words the beach goers should remember -- sting ray shuffle. flags have been raised because of a warning. about a dozen swimmers were stung on the northern end of the beach. shuffle your feed the violations
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one woman learned how much it hurt to get stung, i was in the ocean and then on my way out i felt a sting. i thought. >> i thought i was scraped by something. as i walked out could you see the blood. >> it hurt quite a bit. at the time felt like a bee sting, ten people were stung on wednesday. lifeguards can street the pain but it could require a trip to the hospital. >> very painful. do the shuffle. that's good exercise. >> every time i hear that i want to think to the bears shuffle. >> the chicago bears? >> yes. >> i thought were you too young to remember that? >> not when it happened. >> i saw it when it happened.
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and you heard the vibrations. let them know that you're there. they don't want to sting you only when you step on them. >> and exactly. >> good weather at the beach. >> great weather the next few days a lot of dry air in place. that mean as nice beach weather elsewhere as well. you get showers rolling through. and brook dale bay shore. that's a nice ending to the day. it has been a nice day. we had a document of showers roll through. earlier this afternoon. and say around 11, 12, 1:00. midday hours. this very pushed inland. we have the activity now. a couple of downpours just east of hardy county and to desoto. bubbling in and a couple more showers through northern portions of polk and toward
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once this pushes out that should be it. an early ending too the storms a light and charitable wind. what that does allow the overnight lows to really kind of hang up there. so 80 is the low. the dew points are up there as well. the current temperature is 89. and the humidity and 60% out of the west. take a look at this. we're at 89. lake placid 96. you topped out at 99 for the high today but you factor this in. look at the dew point 79. this is what it feels like. 114 in lake placid. 100 in venice 102 in wesley chapel. steamy a check of the tropics. you have one wave working off the coast line.
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depression. here is invest 99 and 60% that develops that is far enough south we have to watch that later. and 0 moving to the northwest at 15. it should continue on that trajectory as it approaches to midweek. and invest 99 and this has better potential. and that is to the antilles. we'll have to what the thatch and the models are split on that. high pressure right over us. that's keeping that dry air in place and that is going to stick around for a couple of days. keep the rain chances lower. 79 warm and muggy. tuesday and wednesday.
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to 50%. >> and the bucs are having to sit a couple of starters. we are going live to ever bank field where they are getting ready to wick off. more to look at for test number
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tomorrow on good day.. how a local man connects families to their long lost family bibles.. and the ?inside? story of our pet of the week it all starts -- at 6 a-m.. after spending most of the week in jacksonville... the bucs and jags are ready to the bucks and jags are ready to kick off the pre-season. the top priority has to be cleaning up the turn over and penalty issues last week in philadelphia. they worked out on wednesday and thursday and after a kind of a sluggish start they picked up
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and dirk koetter opens -- hopes that plays over to tonight. pre-season is about progress and building up to the season opener against the falcons on september 11th. what can we look for tonight. who better to ask than the gm. thank you for joining us. how does the period look up there tonight? >> it is bright and sunny and hot. >> hot. >> what do you expect in august, right. and looking back on it now did you get everything out of it that you hoped for what are the benefits that you got out of the practices? they did a great job. you know what the players are. it is great to evaluate.
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team offense led by jameis winston on the field for 17 plays. kind of a rough start. howhow much time does he need. what do you want to see out of him? >> we want to pick up where we left off. and a quarter, car and a half. pick up where they left off and the defense do the same thing. overall we're plassed with where we were. we want to see progress. >> certainly. >> we and doug martin has bruised ribs and with martin out. sims is next in line. how is the battle for the number three position saping up right now? >> well it is interesting. mike james is a steady player. he will get a look. it will be interesting to see
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team offensive line, too. there is a lot of battles going on of the that's one of them. are any of the players out there not playing gerald mccoy tweets about his ankle. will he be sitting tonight? >> we want to be start here in the pre-season, just to make sure we keep our players healthy for a win when it rolls around. you have 90 on the roster. and that's coming down to cut down day. some of the guys you want to look at that can make or break their spot on the team? >> barber out of auburn. some of the line men we want to
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defensive line cliff matthews. aj francis for the eighth and ninth spot at defensive line, jay jason, thank you, you look like you're sweating up there a bit there is a pool up stairs if you would like to cool off. there is a pool. >> that's a very convenient pool i may head up there after this. >> perfect. good luck. keep everyone safe out there: >> thank you. about weeks from football world will kick off the season they host towson state they want to get out of the blocks. and there will be a scrimmage in 30 minutes. and it has been a productive one for the bulls and both side bees of the ball the question is on defense. how strong is the d-line going to be with one starter returning. and the defense has improved there is room to get better.
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need to be. we have a lot of growth to achieve. so i mean we know that we're more comfortable but we can grow. our defense attack spot and you have guys that can make a lot of plays. bruce. kevin. they are all present much vets out there we expect that. >> a lot to be excited. football underway. high >> brings the cool weather. >> thanks. >> the fall out from a startling admission on the nature of the iran payout. republicans say it was a ransom paid for prisoners.
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republicans are demanding answers from the republican s demanding answs from the administration after an admission on the iran payout. the white house said a 400 million payment to iran was contingent on the release of four prisoners. and kristin fisher has more from washington. >> the administration is not backing down. they are refusing to call it ransom and the argument is that this was money owed to the iranians and why not use it leverage to make sure they got home. >> and took advantage to converge them in a 24-hour period. the final hours we used the leave ran. it does not sit well. can you call it all you want but ransom is ransom. >> and the chairman of the foreign affairs committee. >> it was ransom.
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they transferred that into the hands of the revolutionary guard corps wis is a terrorist organization. >> the president denied any connection between the payment and the prisoners. >> this was not some knee farious deal. we will not in the future, now people a full accounting. and the hearings about this or ransom payment whatever you call it after congress returns. chris kristin fisher. donald trump assembled a group of his panning leaders on sharing the ideas with the community. the statements on immigration
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immigrants on the presidential race. it has widened the gap. and the poll shows that 60% are democrats. problems for hillary clinton's team as a connection is uncovered between several profile cyber attacks against the tem contractic party and cyber secrets. a technology officer for the intelligence agency believe they got into the dnc first and hopped two other networks and passrd woulds add others were stolen. putin's government denies involvement but they used the gangs to view the bidding and deniability. >> and there are proxies and
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sets against those in the us. >> and the spying tool were posted online. they were created by hackers were stolen in 2013 and the contractor edward snowden was sending documents. experts are not ruling out a connection. there is alarm developments in the he zika virs story. >> as and worse case snow that could be developing. >> the bracing waves accompanied by the news that zika is actively spreading on miami beach. new cases under investigation and involving two residents awed tourists who visited from new york neath ser connected to the
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mile active transmission zone across the bay. and the hip and trendy district, we believe we have a new area and occurring. and due to the emergency and planned itinerary to come back to again talk zika. >> we would like a plan how they would like to us work with this is now mosquito borne in the state. i asked for this on june 1 and requested by down15th. we have not received it. >> florida's second active zone is from 28th street 208 on miami beach and the ocean to the bay. they are advising pregnant women to avoid this zone just as it
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bars and hotels that make this a 24 billion-dollar as year juggernaut hoped that zika would stay on the mainland. still some have already seen sales drop 25 for the in june and july. the new eye candy is the mosquito control teams. tossing portlands into the standing water. the commissioner >> look around riding their bikes by. and filling the restaurants. they are not as daunting. if this expanding all of the drives and they are within the zone which includes lincoln road and the convention center. florida has 36 locally transmitted cases.
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pregnant women. in florida. students had a last weekend to enjoy before going back to school. and the start of the new year will be traffic and delays. and the police want everyone to stay safe they are reminding drivers to keep an eye out on the road. >> plan for time we expect allow extra time and walking or biking to school keep an eye out for crossing guards crossing the street. >> the police officers will be on the road making sure they are obeying the speed limit and be stopping by some schools to say hello to the students add pass out supplies. brazil bids goodbye to the
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the week ahead. >> the president starts off by heading back to work, they return to dc after spending two weeks at martha's vineyard. a wrap for the games. the closing ceremony will be sunday at in rio where the flag will be handed over to tokyo. america celebrating a major milestone. thursday is anniversary of the national park service n honor of the birthday the fork foundation launched the wind your park movement inspiring people to enjoy and connect with the 407 national works. and use the hash tag find your park for more information. another anniversary for the us friday is women's equality day. every year on the 26th the
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amendment giving the right to vote. and don't forget to pause and show love to your four-legged friend. started in 2004, the day aims to encourage pet adoption. raise awareness and importantly celebrate all dogs. mixed and pure. that's the week ahead. hillary clinton and donald trump are promising to tackle the problem of new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs
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get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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z236az zy6z we turn to america's y236ay yy6y we turn to the election headquarters with a look apt
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do to tackle the problem of opioid abuse. >> and the two have different ideas how to stop it. >> our kids are being poisoned. 28,000 americans died from the abuse according to the cdc a death every 19 >> the candidates address the gravity but differ in how they would attack the problem, i would caught off the course. >> i will stop from coming in. they will be repercussion, i have a plan about what we can do together. i would like the federal government to offer 10 billion over ten years.
6:42 pm
prevention, treatment and recovery. and they will end incars incarceration for low level offenders. >> we need more prevention we need treatment. more recovery support. and we need access to the services, and i'll create them no drugs are coming in. >> it is less detailed and building a wall to keep drugs out and providing help for addicts. >> we want supply and demand but we know that we need a plan for how that is going to be. >> we have not seen a plan for him. we're urging him and looking forward to see how he would like to address the issue. the candidates have focused on
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be with two dozen were reported in just four hours and new hampshire where they confirmed 160 deaths from opioid overdoses this year. jonathan hunt in los angeles. fox news. >> and that time of year. >> people are out gunning for >> and starting the pre-season lights are ready to be turned on. kicking off a dress rehearsal we'll look at the team and the transition they're making to win
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and last night a dress rehearsal for teams from around the area. and they like a challenge in the pre-season it is to set the stage for the level of play that they will see. the hawks fell to the 8 a manatee team but as fox 13 shows us the hawks are going through a transition with hopes of bringi championship. >> familiar sights and sounds. fill the field but new sights will get your eye. >> they're op the field as a receiver that's another athlete. and at a slot and more to spread the ball. last year the starting quarterback is making the switch
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>> before i came to high school i played both ways. they need him to play wide out because of a new player. testifyon black was transferred. >> we have good chemtry with throwing a a former quarterback. tough have a high iq to know where they are at a. knows where to be. >> and tell him like i will be0 ep i tell him that. , he is gaining confidence
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>> it has not been able to get past miami central who won four straight championships in a row. >> we're rolling into the fall. >> no doubt the players would appreciate a drop just 10 degrees. >> and. >> the guy at the car wash said 1 degree at a time. 101 days left to december. when you get below 100 that's cool already. >> this is the view in st. pete. and off in the distance. looking out east and just a nice ending for the day, not much in
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is scattered. lining up and scattered showers. it did pour. not a lot of motion. they picked up the rain. this is what they are left a line of showers from lake wales. and palm the east. that should be a stray shower. winds and dry air for the next few days. watch the waves. we have it transport wave to emerges we're getting into the more active part of our season.
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and returning to the end of the week. 20% rain chances we'll build up to 40%. by next weekend. here are the rain chances. 30% inland. any showers that pops up could be heavy town pours. that'she sebring and triple digits. 99 down in lake placid. and dew point of 74. and other temperatures. 92. and still in sun city center. and 89 in wesley chapel. 88 in sarasota and 95 now in lake placid.
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this is invest 99. north and west. we'll watch this chance developing. it could increase the moisture. and something closer. and warm and muggy. and a couple of forecast. >> the next couple of days. 30% and back to 40 or 50% for the weekend. a sweet tradition. they have been doing for 60 years. and residents and celebrate by nibbling on the original cake.
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fruit cake for 61 years. it started on the first wedding an vertsry. >> i said the caterer gave my mother the top layer of the cake. i have that why not eat a piece. that's how it started. it may be old but they add brandy to preserve it so can eat it after all these years. >> a fun night. >> fruit cake lasts forever. >> a long long awaited day for
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and f was a day years in the making. they are finally getting medals many should have received a long time agoment one was james who@ was in the navy. >> and craig cross was there when they got the recognition they deserved. >> it is a special day to present the medals to those who served our nation, we would like
6:56 pm
>> they are the first time they have received verifying the service. and through the boxes and so forth. >> for some they were presented to the survivors to a daughter and asked to have them secured and presented; they represent story. >> here is korea. this one is here is the actually what i thought. >> it surprised me. >> all the nights people and it is turning a bit. [ laughter ] >> this is one of the good days, right. the members of congress get involved in politics and the at
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community service and the opportunity truly to represent or to recognize and pay tribute to the service and sacrifice for those who served in uni arm t is a extra study. and regardless of the environment and recognize the service of those and raise their hand in loyalty to the country and offer a full measure devotion. >> and more news follow us on twitter.
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tomorrow on good day.. how a local man connects families to their long lost family bibles.. and the ?inside? story of our pet of the week it all starts --
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> drake went way, way over the top to prove there is no beef with eminem. drake begins to bow down to eminem. >> saying he is the greatest of all time or bow, don't do both. >> in terms of how people rappers. people don't think of drake that way. >> you know what you're talking about. >> i don't. no one has stopped me before. >> ryan locky apologized kind of, i want to apologize for not being more candid in how i described the events. he told a story of -- that never happened.


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